Massimo Bottura Is Giving Free Cooking Classes On Instagram Every Night

Step up your cooking game with a series of free online cooking classes from the legendary Michelin star chef – and the man behind one of the top restaurants in the world, Osteria Francescana – Massimo Bottura.

Bottura has opted to undertake this publicly available endeavour while Italy is in lock down, serving up some generous plates of knowledge on lesson at a time.

Aptly titled Kitchen Quarantine, each tutorial will be streamed nightly on Instagram and is designed to help you up your cooking skills while in self-isolation. With charisma and personality, and explainers thankfully in English, it’s an easy way to keep yourself occupied. And certainly not a bad way to stave off boredom.

Familiarise yourself with the chef’s style through Q&As about the series and how he plans for everything to play out over the coming week.

So far, Massimo Bottura has managed to cover vegetable Thai curry, alongside cream tortellini, with plenty more to come as we continue.

The stream goes live on Instagram 6 AM AEDT – but you can also find replays on the Fine Dining Lovers YouTube channel.

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