Melbourne’s Famous Lune Croissants Are Coming To Sydney

Lune Croissants

The New York Times had the balls to call Melbourne’s Lune croissants “the finest anywhere in the world.”

A huge claim, you might think at first, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who has sunk their teeth into the flaky goodness of a Lune croissant that disagrees.

Evolving from humble suburban beginnings way back in 2012, Lune Croissanterie now commands an impressive warehouse space in Fitzroy, and, as of 2020, are looking to take their passion interstate with a brand new Sydney location.

Spearheaded by ex-Formula 1 aerodynamicist Kate Reid, the current Melbourne operation often boasts the lengthy wait times to match its laborious, science-led process of crafting the perfect croissant in a climate-controlled glass cube. And it’s so worth it that Lune’s success has now seen it become in demand nation-wide.

Teased on Instagram back in late February, Reid is reportedly tossing up between three inner-Sydney locations with the goal of opening doors and serving scrummy Lune croissants within the 12 month period. This was just before ‘Rona kicked off, we should probably add, meaning that we’ll have to update you when we know more, but boy are we excited.

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