Mrs Sippy Explores Uncharted Waters With Their Bali Pool Club

Sydney’s own Mrs Sippy has found itself on foreign shores, as the iconic Double Bay bar/restaurant opens a chic new pool club in Bali. Located in the sunshine spot that is Seminyak, it has quickly become the talk of the town, complete with easy, breezey vibes.

This is truly the place to be at, with this modern oasis practically begging you to swim, sun, and dance from dusk to dawn. With a tasteful aesthetic balancing the modern, the tropical, and just a hint of the retro, as well as the Mediterranean, this house of local stone, timber, and tile caresses its guests with the gentle curves of both the natural and built environment. It also doesn’t hurt to be decked out in lush gardens shaded by palm trees, daybeds to lounge on, and cabanas to retreat under when you feel the need to slow the pace down.

The restaurant and bars may have been designed to be just as light and carefree, but what they offer is serious business. With a full range menu including everything from wood-fired seafood to pizza, and refreshingly fruity cocktails to complement the cuisine, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself regardless of what you choose. Additionally, Mrs Sippy’s events calendar is stocked end to end, year round. Parties after parties, internationally renowned DJs– if nothing else, this little slice of paradise will definitely assure you of its premier Balinese party scene status.

“What Mrs Sippy does is give people an amazing experience,” said co-owner Andrew Stanway. “It’s not about us, it’s about Bali… It’s about what is here already, and what has made Bali such an amazing place. We have been coming here for years and we all think of Bali as one of the best places in the world… We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we just want the wheel to keep on turning.”

When you’ve made the sale, stop selling. Be sure to stop by if you happen to find yourself in that corner of the world.