Ooni Karu’s Portable Pizza Oven Is A Summer Gatho Essential

Ooni Karu 12 Portable Pizza Oven

With the all-important house gatho’s official reinstatement here in Australia, there’s simply no better time to dust off the outdoor furniture and share a feed with your mates under the summer sky – and no better time for a bit of woodfire pizza, thrown together at home, using kit like the Ooni Karu 12.

Similar to your Gozneys and Brevilles, the philosophy behind this portable pizza oven is essentially quality food made convenient. Making good use of its bespoke fuel tray which maximises airflow to deliver a “powerful blast of searing flame”, ceramic fibre-insulated stainless steel body, extra-thick baking stone, and patented flame keeper for maximum heat retention, the Ooni Karu 12 can reach 500 degrees Celsius in less than 20 minutes (ready to cook in 15 minutes). Impressive stuff from something which weighs just 12kg.

According to the product description, you can fire up this bad boy with wood, charcoal, a mixture of the two; and for anyone who decides to cough up for the optional Ooni Gas Burner attachment – which is apparently dead easy to install – the rig is even gas compatible. The best part? Ooni’s custom design is reportedly so efficient, there’s no excess ash to clean when you’re done, freeing up more time to kick back and put your feet up.

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Ooni Karu 12 Portable Pizza Oven Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 77cm x 40cm x 80cm (30″ x 15″ x 31″)
  • Unboxed weight:  12kg (26.5lb)
  • Cooking surface: 33 cm (13″)
  • 15mm (0.6″) cordierite stone baking board resistant
  • Brushed 430 stainless steel, glass-reinforced nylon

In addition to the portable pizza over itself, Ooni Karu 12 comes with a stone baking board Avanti Mezzaluna utter, and user manual + Ooni Essentials Guide complete with tips/recipes – retail price: $629.