You Can Now Actually Get Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Decades after the iconic Truman Capote novella, and the even more iconic Audrey Hepburn film, you can now actually get breakfast at Tiffany’s. People have been waiting several hours for a croissant and coffee, lining around the block to enter the Blue Box Cafe. All to get a taste of that Holly Golightly life.

As indicative by its name, everything about the cafe is coloured in the signature Tiffany’s Blue. With a menu that changes seasonally, customers have a choice of breakfast ($29 USD), lunch ($39 USD), or Tiffany Tea ($49 USD). This includes anything from pastries with a full range of preserves and fruits, truffle eggs with sides of kunik cheese, smoked bacon, and more truffles, to black bass crudo and Fifth Avenue lobster salad. There is also a dessert platter that is supposedly to die for, featuring the Tiffany Bird Nest as the centrepiece.

The Blue Box Cafe is now taking reservations, up to a month in advance. And as a testament to just how sought after a Tiffany dining experience is, bookings are currently sold out until February of 2018. To reserve a table after that, click here.