You Can Now Destroy Stuff With A Baseball Bat At This Sydney Pop-Up

We all have our little methods of reigning in the anger. For some, a simple set of breathing exercises does the trick. For others, a hearty and extremely public verbal outburst does more for the nerves than a shot of morphine. But who amongst us hasn’t fantasised about going absolutely ape shit in a room full of satisfyingly delicate items?

With this new Sydney pop-up, located in the Southern locality of Kogarah, you can now blow off some steam by smashing the everliving Christ out of everyday household items. Fridges, blenders, toasters, televisions, glassware– you name it. Here at Smash Brothers, you have the opportunity to make ’07 Britney Spears proud with a well-shouldered swing that’s got a bit of sauce on it. 

Simply rock up, pay up, kit up (yes, it’s also safe… protective gear and all), before “choosing your weapon of choice”, and being escorted into a room of destructive delights. And for all you conscientious objectors of this inanimate massacre, all items to be lined up for execution are either donated or purchased in less than brand new condition, with the ensuing carnage being recycled. Ethical hate is the best kind of hate!  

As in most aspects of life, this ten minute session of hate will cost you something. $40 to be exact, though there’s a $10 discount for bringing a buddy along. But in all honesty, can you really put a price on your mental well-being and fun that would otherwise be deemed a felony?

Smash Brothers will be open from the 21st of April at Unit 2, 1 Phillips Road, Kogarah. The rooms will only be open from 6:30PM–10PM on Fridays, and 10AM–6:30PM on weekends. Book now or find out more details at their site here