A Zooper Dooper Vending Machine Has Just Popped Up In Australia


It’s easy to feel like the world is ending lately. With the natural disasters of climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, global markets sliding – put simply, there’s a lot going on right now.  But every now and then, a glimmer of hope appears in these dark times. One that makes you stop and think, “Aw gee… life ain’t so heck.” Like the Zooper Dooper vending machine that has just popped up in Sydney.

Sighted in Castle Hill Metro station, this safe haven of chilled delight is out in full force. And I think it’s safe to say the sheer beauty of it, the magnitude of its very existence, would reduce the hardest bloke across this sunburnt country of ours to tears. I’m talking down on knees, arms spread, weeping to whatever deity has cursed him with sentience.

The only catch in all this – aside from the sole location – is the price. While $1 is negligible for most, it’s worth noting that $1 for a singular Zoop stands to be a considerable markup considering the $4.80 price tag on a 24 x 70ml pack (which you’ll find at Coles).

Still, it’s about the instantaneous demand/supply. And an emergency Zooper Dooper in a moment of desperation is something you really can’t put a price on.

Currently, there’s no word of a nation-wide rollout. Yet. But I feel like as a nation of consumers, we have some collective bargaining power here. In the meantime, you can head on over to Castle Hill Metro station for a quickie.

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