A Breakdown Of LeBron’s Head-Turning $113,000 Game 1 Outfit

What the King wears, goes. If it wasn’t in fashion before, it is now.

That can specifically be said for the suit shorts rocked by LeBron as he arrived to Game 1 of the NBA Finals playoffs last week. The boys over at The Undefeated dove deep into the gear sported by the champion, concluding his total outfit reached just shy of the $87,000 USD mark – and that’s not even including his jewellery.

With the sum of his gear a mind-bending $113,000 AUD, we still can’t believe he spent well over 100 bucks on a pair of socks. No matter how rich you are, no one needs to waste that kind of coin on socks. All prices in the swipe through below are in USD.

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