The North Face’s ‘Apex Flex GTX’ Jacket Is Perfect For Rainy Winter Days

Hate that clunky feeling that comes with putting on a rain jacket? Never fear, the good folks at The North Face have come up with a solution. The Apex Flex GTX removes all the hindrance that usually comes when the rain pours down, leaving you free to do your thing.

The jacket features a completely waterproof soft shell which can easily fit into any backpack, giving it fully fledged rain protection with the comfort of a hoodie. Backed with Gore-Tex, it’s able to handle almost any situation. The adjustable hood and pit-zip vents allow added ventilation in warmer weather, whilst it’s ability to limit air penetration reduces the windchill factor.

It’s subtle styling is also usable in a variety of settings, making the useless chic and dorky heavy duty pieces obsolete. The subdued colours (with navy, orange and black available) plus clean lines definitely impress, all topped off with that timeless The North Face logo. If you’re struggling with your current winter rain jacket, this is definitely an easy buy.

Pick up the Apex Flex GTX from here or find your local store here.