Meet AmpStrip. Your New Workout Buddy

AmpStrip provides crucial information 24/7. Sticking to the torso, AmpStrip monitors activity, skin temperature, posture, heart rate and heart rate recovery, sleep, steps, and burned calories.

Is Social Media Really Killing Our Social Skills?

When talking to an attractive female in person, I’m a clumsy Michael Cera imbued with a touch of Jonah Hill from Superbad. Online, I’m a modern day Don Juan

Check out the BMW Apollo Streamliner

Check out the BMW Apollo Streamliner Concept Motorcycle

Make This Year’s Cocktail Of The Year

“Easy to replicate and can be made worldwide, the essential elements of a true ‘Legacy’ cocktail”

Want List: The Golfboard

The Golfboard is part electric skateboard, part golf cart, and judging by the look of the promo video, 100% fun.

Want List: 360Fly

360Fly, live life uncropped

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo

Tattoos, like puppies, aren’t just for Christmas. You have to live with it, forever, you don’t want to have ANY regrets…

Wearable Tech: The New Game Changer

“Disruptive Technology” is a buzz word that gets thrown around a lot these days…so what does it really mean? Wikipedia (which by the way is a pretty damn re

Check Out These Insane Animated GIFs by Florian De Looij

Animated GIFs by Florian De Looij

Check Out These Ridiculous $115,000 Speakers

The speakers that challenge if a product can become a work of art. Wilson Benesch use their expertise and quality of production to make these speakers art.

The Stunning Process Behind a Beretta Shotgun

Human Technology is a mesmerising short film (05:40) made by Ancarani Studio and commissioned by Beretta that shows the truly stunning…

2 Chainz & Big Sean Sip On A $100k Martini

After smoking a joint rolled with 24K gold rolling papers, it’s no wonder 2 Chainz is now sipping a $100,000 martini with Big Sean.