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This Unbelievably Beautiful French Chateau Can Be Yours For €10m

When a world famous interior designer buys a dilapidated chateau and spends €9m completely renovating the property, the results are going to be special.

The ‘Pilot’ Earpiece Translates Languages In Real Time

The Pilot earpiece allows two people (both wearing the earpiece) to have a face to face conversation translated almost instantly. This could be huge.

Boosted Boards Just Started Shipping To Australia

The world’s best electric skateboard is coming to Australia.

The House From ‘Scarface’ Is For Sale For $17.9m

Ever likened yourself to a young Tony Montana? Now you can live the Scarface life in the house from the film hitting the market for USD $17,900,000

Ever Wanted To Know How Tequila Is Made?

The team at How To Make Everything went behind the scenes for this two minute look at the entire tequila production process.

Watch Three Aussie Mates Catch A 20kg Tuna With A Drone

Drones have become fairly common recently, but we’re pretty sure this is the first time they’ve been used to get bait out to a school of hungry tuna.

The Perfect Autumn Drink: Substation No.41 Old Rum Boss

We thought it was high time to introduce you to our new favourite winter cocktail, our take on the Old Fashioned, the Old Rum Boss.

This Champagne Gun Is The Ultimate Toy For Fuckboys

Present hunting for the fuckboy in your life who has everything? Look no further, the Champagne Gun is here.

Here’s How To Make The Perfect Sushi Roll

Turns out that once you know the basics and have a few pieces of equipment, making sushi rolls isn’t actually all that hard.

You Can Now Play PS4 Games on Your Mac And PC

Sony has officially released their PS4 Remote Play bundle allowing PS4 owners to play all of their games remotely on their Mac or PC.

The Ridiculously Simple Trick To A Good Night’s Sleep

If tossing and turning for hours every night sounds familiar to you, you need to watch this video, stat.