These $2 Million Floating Homes Could Be The Future Of Real Estate

These $2 Million Floating Homes Could Be The Future Of Real Estate

The land beneath your feet is currently being bought, sold, and developed. And quicker than you can say “avocado on toast”. Analysts are predicting an impending burst of the real estate “bubble”. In the meantime, however, housing prices are reaching ridiculous levels. Not just housing. But any given space where someone can store their belongings.

Innovators have been coming up with creative solutions for this modern dilemma. From mobile crate homes, to underground bunkers away from the surface world. This latest venture could in fact revolutionise the way we dwell.

Architect, Koen Olthuis, and housing startup, Arkup, are designing $2 million floating luxury homes. These homes will be fitted out to become what they have called “liveable yachts”. Hydraulic systems will anchor and stabilise the homes during storms, capable of withstanding Category 4 winds. In terms of power, there will be solar panels installed on the roof. So you know this baby will burn on clean, renewable energy.

This concept is only logical. The Earth is 71% water. The threat of global warming/rising water levels are on the literal horizon. This may very well be be a viable solution to several 21st century problems.

Check out the initial renderings above.