Adobe’s Photoshop Camera App Has Arrived To Do The Job For You

While there might be thousands of photo editing apps available online to spruce up your selfies, the masters themselves, Adobe, are set to deliver one huge blow to make them all obsolete. 

‘Photoshop Camera’ is the latest inventive app from the high-tech software company sure to make waves across the Instagram game. 

Using Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform, Sensei, users will automatically be notified about what filters to use before taking a picture. You can then add presets before or after taking a picture, with the app quickly fixing common problems such as portrait relighting, horizon levelling and distortion removal. This way you can spend less time touching up photos and more time taking them.

There will be a number of lenses and filters curated by artists and influencers available, with muso Billie Eilish the first to get in on the act. Happy snappers will also have the option of sharing their photos directly to social media.

At its core, Photoshop Camera appears to be an easy and user-friendly smartphone version of Adobe’s desktop program that anyone can use.

Free trials of the Photoshop Camera are available for both iOS and Android to those who sign up at Adobe is aiming for an official launch in early 2020.

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