Check Out This Futuristic Prototype For A Sideways-Moving Elevator System

The idea of an elevator that can move sideways has been around since the days of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, an epic yet fantasised concept that a lot of people thought was unreachable.

German engineering firm ThyssenKrupp are tackling the challenge, with the introduction of their maglev solution. ‘MULTI’ provides a ropeless horizontal and vertical system that allows multiple elevators to run in a loop. The prototype is now coming to the real world through a 246 metre high test tower in Rottweil, Germany.

Utilising magnetic levitation, ‘MULTI’ allows multiple cars to run through a building’s elevator system at a top speed of around 18 metres per second. The test tower boasts 12 usable shafts, with an interesting skybridge that would connect two towers with horizontal elevator movements.

Check out the video for it above and keep an eye out for the first commercial application at The Edge’s East Side Tower in Berlin, which should be finished by 2019.