Check Out These Ridiculous $115,000 Speakers

The new Wilson Benesch Cardinal Loudspeakers may have just achieved this. The 6″ tall speakers combine their technical expertise with nontraditional materials to create sublime natural sound yet maintain a beautiful finish – speakers that don’t need to be used to foster respect for their quality.

Indeed, the Cardinal Loudspeakers and even, Wilson Benesch, the British manufacturer, have a focus on quality of production. The monocoque casing, for example, is crafted from carbon fibre using the same resin-transfer moulding technique used by British carmaker Lotus and manufacturers contracted by the British Ministry of Defence.

The speakers are priced at $115,000 USD and come in multiple finishes, including white glass, and Burr Walnut; proving that a product can become art suitable for any living room – with a hefty price-tag.