Fast Charge Up To 5 Devices Stylishly With Smorgasbord

When Smorgasbord sent me their deluxe design Kuggstang to review, I thought I’d take a slightly different perspective on it. What arrived was a quality bamboo box and some odd plastic rods, as well as a fast charger port with 5 USB outlets. It was an offer to fix all my device cable cluttering, to hide the nasty mangle of wires that had developed near my desk. The whole idea behind it seems to be customization, with the ability to reorder the layout of the plastic support rods while the wires ran through the box. With that in mind, I looked at it from the perspective of a music lover.

You see, apart from my smartphone all my other devices are based around music. My tablet, rechargeable Bluetooth headphones and speakers all run off USB power. Could you customize the Smorgasbord to suit that vast difference in devices, beyond just simple smartphone shapes?

The answer is yes. Beyond yes. The ability to customize the set up is astounding. Each support rod has different lengths, meaning that devices of different sizes can easily fit it. The adjustable length between rods is also a bonus in fitting in stuff that is fatter than a simple phone. Once stacked on and with all the wires underneath, the set-up looks neat and clean, especially with the wood base.

There was also room in the base to add another charge port, with extra holes cut out for it, and a long trench running through the middle of the box. Taking it to the extreme with these two features, I was able to easily slide my 13 inch laptop in, held up by the support rods. The best thing about this trench is that you can put support rods one side only, place your tablet or phone in, and it becomes a kind of stand for your device at night.

All in all, this ‘hub’ is amazing. Design wise, you will no longer look a fool with all your lose wires. Device wise, it can fit almost anything. I’d definitely recommend it for those with a bunch of music based devices but it can be used for anyone. If you want to clean up those wires and look stylish while doing so, look no further.

Smorgasbord is available at Officeworks and JB HIFI online