IKEA Pizza Furniture Is Now A Real-Life Thing

IKEA Pizza Table

That little white stand found in your takeaway pizza boxes – it’s now available to purchase as life-sized furniture, all thanks to the Pizza Hutt x IKEA pizza furniture collaboration. The product of a tongue-in-cheek campaign with the geniuses from Ogilvy Hong Kong, this is ostensibly IKEA’s way of paying tribute to the time-honoured and iconic ‘pizza saver’ (which actually prevents the toppings from sticking to the lid).

Officially known as the White IKEA Säva Table, this three-legged piece appropriately features the Pizza Hut logo on the top. In terms of function, I really don’t know what more there is to say apart from the fact that, well… it’s a table. And you can use it as such. That’s it. That’s the whole gimmick.

To really drive the novelty of this entire offering all the way home, the table arrives as a flat pack in packaging that resembles a takeaway pizza box. It even encourages you to order yourself an actual pizza afterwards to test drive your handiwork. Not that anyone really ever needs encouragement to cop a slice.

“This campaign shows the playful side of Pizza Hut,” says Wendy Leung, Pizza Hut Hong Kong Marketing Director.

“And that our credentials can move beyond the kitchen into new and interesting collaborations with other brands.”

The bad news is – this White IKEA Säva Table is currently only available at Hong Kong IKEA and Pizza Hut locations. So those residing elsewhere might have to work with a third-party retailer or get someone on Fiverr to ship one over, given none of us are travelling anytime soon.

Check out the full gallery above.