This Is Why Instagram Won’t #FreeTheNipple

This Is Why Instagram Won’t #FreeTheNipple

Almost a year after #FreeTheNipple campaign came to prominence, Instagram Founder & CEO Kevin Systrom has explained exactly why Instagram are unable to allow any nudity, and the answer makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

It’s all about our friends at Apple.

To keep your app on the Apple Appstore you have to play by Apple’s rules, and Apple’s rules indicate that unless your app is specifically for adults only, you can’t have any nudity. Understandably given their core demographic, Systrom wants to keep Instagram open to download by anyone.

Given how easy it is to find porn and nudity in the iPhone app for other popular services like Snapchat and Twitter, it’s a fairly safe call from Instagram, but at the end of the day it’s a fair enough call (particularly given that Instagram are part of the Facebook stable who are all about restricting nudity).

According to this Business Insider report, Instagram is “committed to artistic freedom, but in order to scale effectively, there are some tough calls [to be made]”.

Apple, the ball’s (actually maybe leave those in the banned folder) in your court.