LEGO Releases 3000-Piece Original Batmobile Set

While Christopher Nolan’s gritty take on the caped crusader helped rejuvenate the comic book film genre in the mid-00s, Tim Burton’s gothic original still holds a special place in the hearts of many. 

It also seems to be a favourite of the folks at LEGO, with the toy manufacturer dropping an incredibly detailed take on the Batmobile as seen in Burton’s 1989 classic Batman

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Burton’s film, LEGO’s take on the Dark Knight’s main mode of transport is made from 3,306 pieces and measures over 60 centimetres in length.

The iconic Batmobile sports a retractable windscreen allowing access to the inside of the car, grappling hooks either side of the vehicle, two hidden machine guns under the hood and small decorative touches such as mini-bat logos on the tyres.

Along with the Batmobile, the set also includes three LEGO figures based on the three main characters from the film; Batman, Joker and Vicki Vale. Batman comes with a specially created cape matching the one seen in the 1989 Batman while Joker wields a pistol and Vicki Vale a vintage camera.

This awesome looking set will be officially unveiled November 29th and retail for a spicy AU$399.99.

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