Light L16: The Smartphone-Sized Camera With 16 Lenses

Pocketable smartphone cameras get better and better every year, with a recent trend being the addition of dual lenses. Well in an attempt to up the game and trump everyone, start-up company Light is adding 16 lenses to their recently released L16 model.

Instead of putting a huge DSLR style lens on the back of their device, Light have done the smart thing by using a more is less approach. The 16 smaller viewpoints keep the camera’s profile slim, meaning it can easily fit in your back pocket but still capture a whopping 52-megapixel shot. All the angles and sensor variations are basically stitched up after the photo is taken, providing wider coverage all round.

It’s a crazy amount of detail when you think about it, and when paired with a plethora of features the L16 becomes the ultimate tool for the travel shooter. These features are things like adjustable focus, 5x optical zoom and background blur modification in post, with a long lasting battery also able to handle around 1500 shots a cycle.

The question is, can this smartphone-sized device truly replace your DSLR? Aussie consumers will have to wait before they can answer this question, as no solid international launch dates have been announced. You can, however, pick up one for 2018 if you’re in America at $US1950. Definitely keep it in mind if you’re keen on excellent photography from a device that weighs less than a pound.

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