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Fast Charge Up To 5 Devices Stylishly With Smorgasbord

When Smorgasbord sent me their deluxe design Kuggstang to review, I thought I’d take a slightly different perspective on it….

Motorola now boasts the world’s fastest charging smartphone – introducing the new Moto Z and Moto Z Play

With the new Moto Z and Moto Z Play, the company now boasts both the thinnest premium smartphone and the fastest charging smartphone battery.

GoPro’s New Commercial Will Leave You Craving The Outdoors

The Go Pro Hero 5 was revealed this week, along with the new Karma Drone. Able to record in full…

Leica’s New Affordable Instant Camera Is A Must Have

Long regarded as one of the world’s premiere camera manufacturers, Leica have launched their most affordable (and pocketable) camera ever.

Google Trips: Could This Be The Perfect Travel App?

Utilising the power of Google Maps and the information from other travellers, Google Trips helps you curate and plan your perfect holiday.

Navman Just Released Their New Range Of GPS And Dashcams

Let’s face it, a lot of us do some pretty dodgy stuff when it comes to finding our way on…

GoldenEye 007 Has Been Remade Using Modern Graphics

It’s just like the old N64 version – but better in every way.

7 Awesome Apps Every Man Should Have On Their Phone

99.5% of apps are not worth your while. Lucky for you we’ve identified 7 awesome apps every man should have on their phone.

This Is What Instagram Would Have Looked Like On Windows 95

Most of us remember Windows 95. It existed around the same time we connected to the internet via a really noisy modem, had…

This Sydney Agency Is Looking For A ‘Pokemon GO Hunting’ Intern

Dave King, strategy partner at Sydney creative agency The Royals is hiring the world’s first Pokemon GO Hunting Intern.

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The ‘Pilot’ Earpiece Translates Languages In Real Time

The Pilot earpiece allows two people (both wearing the earpiece) to have a face to face conversation translated almost instantly. This could be huge.