Scorkl: The Simple Device That Lets Anyone Breathe Underwater

You may have tried your hand at freediving. Perhaps you saved for months in the lead up to summer for a SCUBA trip on the reef. Right now, none of that matters anymore. Aussie start-up Scorkl have changed the water sport game entirely, with a hassle-free device that allows anyone to breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes.

It’s one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever, absolutely annihilating its goal in just the first four hours of its launch. It has since (at the time of publication) reached over $724,000.

For the first time ever, Scorkl allows any person, even those without SCUBA training, to enjoy a natural diving experience with total freedom.

The Scorkl device is a drink bottle-sized compressed air cylinder that holds 3 cubic feet of air (85L), and works at a pressure of 3000psi. These specs allow a trained diver to reach times of up to 10 minutes under water, based on the expectation of 1 breath every 10 seconds.

For your average joe, you’re looking at something more realistically around the 6-minute mark, but even that is a massive boost on top of the casual free diver.

Scorkl is portable to just about any location and can easily be refilled within seconds by an adapter from regular SCUBA tanks. If your set-up isn’t quite that professional, simply take along Scorkl’s bike pump-like device and manually refill your Scorkl in about 12 minutes.

While we tell you anyone can use it, manufacturers advise that only SCUBA certified divers exceed depths of 3 metres, mainly due to the issue of decompression. Chances are, the majority of your water-based fun will be well within that range regardless.

Scorkl will make a huge variety of tasks incredibly easier. When the cost and effort was never justifiable for a SCUBA dive, it’s now in reach with Scorkl.

For us, the most impressive feature of this device is its size and portability – particularly on airplanes. Yes, you can indeed travel with your empty Scorkl devices, allowing anyone to take their adventure travel game to the next level.