Sony Changing Up The Action Camera Game With The RX0

Sony has announced a device that is aiming to step up the action camera game. In a departure from the usual point and shoot compact with activity proof features, the RX0 adds more control by adding in traditional imaging settings of a DSLR.

Right off the bat Sony’s waterproof and shockproof camera moves away from the GoPro standard of smaller sensors with a super-wide-angle lens by rocking a larger sensor and narrower lens. It then adds a modular system on top of this which aims to provide features such as easy multiple camera sync, a plethora of specialised accessories and super slow-mo footage at 960 fps.

The RX0 does however come with a $1049 price tag which may not be appealing to the traditional GoPro user, but if you’re looking for something a little more versatile this is the pick. Check out further details about the RX0 here.