The Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker Is Peak Subtlety

Tasteful interior design comes down to subtlety and discretion. Elements blend together seamlessly, each one serving a specific purpose, while never drawing too much attention to itself. Subtlety and discretion were clearly what Sony had in mind when they conceived the LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker – a device which we believe will fast become the norm.

Forget hulking prisms, lengthy soundbars, and everything else you’ve come to expect from home entertainment. The new wave involves a brushed chrome base, glass body, and LED light with 32 different levels of brightness (as well as a “Candlelight Mode” which flickers to replicate the ambience provided by an actual candle).

And no – by all accounts, there isn’t any sacrifice in audio quality. As the improved iteration of the first-generation LSPX-S2, the LSPX-S2 “will fill every corner of the room with exceptional sound” due to its Advanced Vertical Drive Technology and acrylic resin cylindrical centre; the latter of which apparently serves as a tweeter, vibrating after being tapped by three actuators beneath, and evenly distributing sound in a 360-direction. As per Sony, this creates “rich sound with minimal loss of volume”.

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Other areas of functionality haven’t exactly taken a dive, either. Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, 35mm passive subwoofer, 3.5mm audio jack, 8-hour battery life, and even a feature known as “Multi Room” which allows you to sync the LSPX-S2 with a maximum of 10 other compatible Sony speakers to play either the same song throughout your pad – or different songs in each room. Handy.

The Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker is now available to purchase for $899.

Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker
Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker
Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker