This Sony Projector Turns Flat Surfaces Into Touchscreens

A few years back, a viral concept video of some iPhone iteration was released that demonstrated a “lazer keyboard”. From what could be seen, this “lazer keyboard” could project an interactive square of light onto any surface and responded to touch. Flash forward to today, and Sony has made this once speculated concept into reality with their highly anticipated Xperia Touch.

Currently priced at $1,700 USD, the Xperia Touch bundles an Android tablet, a smart speaker, and of course, a projector into a single, sleek, design. Turning any flat surface into an interactive light screen, it utilises a combination of infrared light and a built-in motion detection camera at 60 fps. Projecting images up to 80 inches, the Xperia Touch has a comfortable, mid-range resolution of 1366 x 768.

In terms of the internal specs, it reportedly runs on Google Assistant, allowing for control via voice command. With 3 gigabytes of ram, and 32 of internal storage, you’ll be able to expand storage size up to 256 gigabytes with the use of Micro-SD cards. The camera has a standard resolution of 13 megapixels.

We get closer to the future everyday, and time will only tell if interactive projected touchscreens will become an everyday household item in the years to come.