How To Swap Out The Clunky Camera For A Smartphone On Your Next Holiday

Heading overseas, it’s always a stress for me to find enough space to fit in a camera. My clunky DSLR is a piece of equipment that usually takes up a decent chunk of my backpack and gives some significant back pain in transit. So when I was going to Europe for my usual winter escape this year, I really wanted an alternative for photography that wouldn’t destroy the delicate balance of packing.

Luckily the guys at Samsung have developed something truly marvelous to help with my dilemma. The Galaxy S8, with it’s 12 mp dual sensor and 4k video capacity, has a plethora of extra features that allow it to aptly compete with any camera. After spending 5 weeks with the smartphone over in the European Union, I’ve managed to compile a decent set of tips and tricks that’ll help you swap out the usual clunk. Check them out above and don’t worry, you’ll be able to retain those high quality Instagram images with all the portability of a phone.