Tinder Launches ‘Are You Sure?’ Feature For Those Red-Hot Messages

tinder are you sure feature

Thinking twice before interacting with the digital world is a notion from a bygone era. In an effort to combat this growing plague, as well taming the maelstrom of inappropriate and potentially offensive messages endemic to dating apps, Tinder is now rolling out the Are You Sure? (AYS) safety feature for those moments where someone is caught down bad in 4K resolution.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to automatically detect, certain keyphrases will trigger a prompt asking whether you reeeally wants to go ahead with a full send, forcing them to pause and reconsider that opening line in the process. According to the company, after testing out AYS on a select pool of candidates, those who encountered the prompts were far less likely to be reported for inappropriate messages in the following month.

“The early results from these features show us that intervention done the right way can be really meaningful in changing behaviour and building a community where everyone feels like they can be themselves,” says Tracey Breeden, Head of Safety & Social Advocacy for Match Group.

“We’re excited to see Tinder continue to innovate on safety. By conveying their expectation for respectful communication, and letting users pause a moment to rethink a message that might offend, Tinder is engaging its community to create a safer platform.”

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Are You Sure? isn’t the only safety feature Tinder has been implementing to its app recently. In the US, parent company Match Group has partnered with Garbo to offer background checks before an in-person date. With just a surname and phone number, you’ll be able to vet whoever you’re chatting up for a history of violence and abuse through a compilation of public records. This entails everything from past arrests, convictions, restraining orders, as well as reports of harassment or similar crimes.

Offences Garbo won’t publicise, however, include drug possession and traffic violations aside from DUIs and vehicular manslaughter, citing research involving the disproportionate percentage of minorities arrested in comparison to Caucasians; as well as citing research that outlines how neither drug nor traffic charges accurately predict gender-based violence.

“For far too long, women and marginalised groups in all corners of the world have faced many barriers to resources and safety.”

“We recognise corporations can play a key role in helping remove those barriers with technology and a true collaboration rooted in action.”

Testing for Tinder background checks are being tested as we speak with plans for eventual integration within other Match Group apps such as Hinge, OkCupid, and so forth on the cards. AYS, on the other hand, is currently making its way onto the app.