This Tiny Device Plays Your Spotify Library Without A Smartphone

Sick of the clunky smartphone bouncing around your gym shorts while you work out? Well the geniuses at Mighty have sorted the problem, filling the gap that your MP3 player left when it departed all those years ago.

A Kickstarter was launched last year in the hopes of ‚Äústreaming music without your phone”, the result coming in the form of a device with tangible buttons that feels like a nostalgic tribute to the now departed iPod Shuffle. With 8GB of storage, it allows a user to directly take their Spotify library offline via a specialised app, making it the perfect companion for wandering in the wilderness.

It also sits at a super nice price point, costing US $86 and giving all you need in a player. So if you’re looking for a device that can play your current music hits and clip onto your collar, the Mighty is for you. Check out the buy link here.