The Ultimate Ears PartyUp App Lets More Than 50 Speakers Play Music Simultaneously

Last week, Ultimate Ears (UE) hosted PartyUp. Nestled within Carriageworks in the Inner West of Sydney, the warehouse party vibe was truly going off. Walking into the darkness, the quality music and drinks were flowing, accompanied by towering figures in neon light suits and the spectacular interior of the place.

This was all in light of the recent launch of Ultimate Ears PartyUp app,which is taking socially shareable music to the next level. If you’re not familiar, UE creates some really awesome portable Bluetooth speakers which are pretty much usable anywhere. PartyUp now provides owners with an interface to connect more than 50 speakers together in seconds, through their updated phone app.

With similar multiple speaker systems running into the thousands of dollars, this could be the solution in creating a solid sound system around your home for much less and with much more versatility. It’s also a solution for those party situations where you need to quickly bring together a sound system, anywhere at anytime.

An app called AMP Me had a similar idea last year, in terms of pairing smartphones together and using their speakers to play music. PartyUp extends on this, providing tangible and highly portable speakers that your mates can bring together to create powerful sounds. Voice integration and tap controls are an added bonus in seamlessly allowing you to create the ultimate party atmosphere.

With a range of compatible speakers starting at $250, these could be the answer to your summer problems.