Rolls-Royce Upgrading Naval Operations With A Futuristic Autonomous Ship

Rolls-Royce is expanding it’s portfolio beyond luxury cars towards more elaborate goals. Aiming it’s sights at sea vehicles, the manufacturer has revealed a 197-foot-long autonomous ship concept which has specifically been designed for naval operations.

Helping out with surveillance, patrolling and mine detection, the vessel is on trend with industry movements away from remote-controlled options. Rolls-Royce is utilising it’s experience with artificial intelligence to create “intelligent awareness systems” and other “autonomous support tools” that will act as the perfect option for any navy situation.

It will also have a “planned range of 2,500 nautical miles, be able to operate for over 100 days and reach speeds of over 25 knots,” putting to use a “powerful electric propulsion system with two generations” for “four megawatts of electrical power to a 1.5-megawatt propulsion drive”. This is further complimented by solar panels and advanced energy storage, resulting in the ultimate beast of the sea. Check out the photo of it above and keep an eye for more news as details emerge.