First Ever Lamborghini SUV From The 90’s Auctions For $622,000

We were all chuffed to hear about Lamborghini bringing in a fresh take on the SUV, but some may be surprised to hear that the Urus is a repeat of a concept that has gone down before. Produced between 1986 and 1993, the LM002 model was the epitome of SUV technology for the luxury Italian car company. It’s rarity caused it to go unnoticed for a fair while, until the Urus popped up.

The pinnacle of this was seen at a recent New York auction where an ultra rare version, a LM/A specification of which only 48 were built, was sold for a clean $622,000 (around US$467,000). Aptly called the “Rambo Lambo”, it was based on an abandoned U.S. military prototype named Cheetah. The exotic car boasts a 288-litre fuel tank, Pirelli Scorpion tires, a rare rear cargo box, tonneau cover, floor mats and chrome bumpers, along with a five-year restoration effort valued at US$325,000. It also only has 19,000 miles (30,000 km) on the clock, which is brilliant for a 27 year old.

So if another one pops up on the market, break away from the rest and cop this instead of a Urus. Check out more Lamborghini action here in the meantime.