Nissan Reveals Collection Of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Concept Cars

The amount of geeking out that has been occurring for the upcoming Star Wars film is phenomenal, an immense push for those who’ve been craving a return from the franchise. Nissan is feeding right into this, with the release of some epic concept cars in the past week. Unveiling it at the LA Auto Show to promote the upcoming release, each car reflects various elements of the latest installment.

Their Altima sedan is modeled like a TIE Fighter used by the First Order with a multi-panel windshield, special wheels, full body wrap, and speakers to play blaster sound effects. There’s also three Maximas which individually reflect Kylo Ren‘s black and silver facemask, Ren’s spacecraft, and Captain Phasma‘s colourway. Lastly Nissan follows through with a Rogue SUV X-wing that also features an epic BB-8 sticking out the top.

These won’t be available anytime soon, so check out the above and have a little froth over the unconventional vehicles. Feed your Star Wars cravings here and Nissan here.