Volkswagen’s Classic 1962 Type 2 Kombi Microbus Goes Electric

Volkswagen’s Classic 1962 Type 2 Kombi Microbus Goes Electric

Celebrating the launch of its new Innovation and Engineering Center in California (IECC), German manufacturer Volkswagen has transformed their vintage 1962 Type 2 Kombi 11-window Microbus into a modern, electric-powered whip.

Named the Type 20, this update of the classic camper van comes with a rear-mounted engine powered by a 10kWh battery that produces 120bhp and 173 lb-ft of torque, which is surprisingly twice the power of the original model. The retro Kombi also features a number of new technological features not seen before, including a custom active suspension system (from the brains over at sister automaker Porsche) that allows the van to rise when approached by the driver.

VW also collaborated with American software company Autodesk to create custom alloy wheels, rearview mirror supports, steering wheel and seats, with each part designed to be lightweight without reducing strength. 

The Type 2 also includes a number of futuristic adjustments, with a real-time facial recognition system used to access the car, a holographic infotainment system and a conversational digital assistant system that allows drivers to use verbal commands to perform things such as changing the radio station or turning on the air conditioner.

Finished with a black and white paint job with orange trim, the Type 2 concept could be the camper van of the future if put into production. 

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