Get An Insider’s Look At ‘Big Bunny’, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Jet

The recent passing of the legend that is Hugh Hefner was a sad day for many. Although contentious, there’s no arguing the impact that Playboy had on the world, especially in the men’s lifestyle space. Hefner was the embodiment of it all, a representation of an exorbitant life that a lot of men strive for. In celebration of his 91 years on the planet, we here at Boss Hunting want to dig deep into one of his most epic and short-lived purchases.

Way back in the 1960s, at what would’ve been one of the peaks of Playboy, Hefner made a dazzling $5 million purchase. Named ‘Big Bunny’, it was a customised stretch DC-9 plane, capable of taking the businessman anywhere in the world.

With it’s unique colourway (the infamous Playboy logo featured prominently on the tail), revolutionary lighting and interior styling, and stewardesses who were called “Jet Bunnies”, it was definitely the height of luxury. ‘Big Bunny’ only ended up serving Hefner for six years, but it left a legacy and we think it’s a nice tribute to the life of the Playboy editor-in-chief. Check out the gallery above for an closer look.