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Aston Martin Go Turbo: Tease us with only the sound of their new V12 engine

Staying true to the class and mystique of Aston Martin, they have released a teaser of only the sound to soon come from the new DB11’s twin turbo V12.

Mercedes Benz GLS63 AMG: The King Of The SUV Returns

Over the last year Mercedes has been busy facelifting and renaming their model range, and the last model line to get that treatment is the GL class. Renamed GLS, the S is added to signify that it is the biggest in the line, this model builds on an already successful model line. There are many different models you can choose with the GLS class. The sensible diesel 350d, two various gasoline models the 450 and 550, and the one we’re most interested in the 63AMG.

Watch A Bentley Continental GT Speed Hit 332km/h In The Outback

See Bentley take a Continental GT Speed out to the Stuart Highway in the Australian Outback to see if they could hit top speed on a public road.

Watch Two Guys In Jetpacks Fly Wing-to-Wing With An A380

The jetpack duo fly tantalisingly close to the largest passenger aircraft in the skies, with a picturesque Dubai in the background.

Inside The Yacht Jay-Z & Beyonce Charter Every Year

The yacht, which estimates suggest cost around A$105m has a top speed of 28 knots (51km/h), making her pretty spritely for a 213ft floating palace.

Someone In Dubai Is Selling This 500hp Batmobile

First we showed you Melbourne’s Wayne Manor, now out of Dubai comes a fully road legal (at least in the UAE) tumbler Batmobile.

One Of The Craziest Races You’ll Ever See: Mclaren P1 v LaFerrari v Porsche 918 Spyder

With the Top Gear boys sidelined at the minute, petrolheads must now rely on the generosity of wealthy enthusiasts for their dose of insane car matchups.

What a Formula 1 Crash at 321 km/h Looks Like

Carlos Sainz Jnr has a massive crash during qualifying in Sochi.

Inside the Cockpit of a Williams F1 Car

A rare look at life inside a Formula 1 cockpit with the driver at work during a lap of Jerez.

Watch a Tesla Model S Drag Race a Holden V8 Supercar

Just how fast the Tesla actually is only gets put into perspective when you put it up against another fast car, like a Holden V8 Supercar.

The Tesla Model X has Arrived…and it’s a Game Changer

It’s been on the horizon for a number of years, and today Elon Musk officially launched the Tesla Model X, the first new car from Tesla in over three years.

Porsche’s New Electric Concept Puts The Tesla Model S To Shame

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this week, the Porsche Mission E Concept looks set to be one of the most insane cars on the road.