This Plane Could Fly Up To 27,000 Metres Without An Engine

If you think heading up into the air in a normal plane is tough, imagine trying to do better than that without an engine. Well the good people at This Plane is Trying to Fly to 90,000 Feet Without an Engine

“>Wired have put together an interesting video covering a glider plane which is attempting to soar to stratospheric heights. The Airbus Perlan II is attempting the impossible, aiming to fly above the height of planes at 27,000 metres (90,000 feet) all with no engine.

With it’s giant wing area to combat thinner air at that height, the recent achievement of 9,900 metre (32,500 feet) glide and it’s noble objective of climate change data collection, the whole project is definitely interesting to look into. Check out the full video above, more information on the official website and Twitter for more updates.