The Blueprint: Austin Augie

The Blueprint Series is a rolling release of profiles on individuals from any walk of life, pioneers of what they do best. From athletes to artists, fashionistas to entrepreneurs, this series will give you a personal insight into the minds of masters at the apex of their respective professions.

U.S. vlogger Austin Augie is killing the game right now. With over 300000 subscribers on YouTube, his daily videos cover everything from his experience with BMX riding to his crazy adventures around his current home of New York. The Indiana native is a part of an ever expanding group of creators who use their passion for extreme sports as a conduit for social media success. Augie has been able to reach an audience beyond his respective sport of BMX, sharing intimate moments of his life and growth to a YouTube following that was non-existent at the start of 2016.

His constant release of videos reveals the battle of a small town guy moving to New York to make it big. He shares moments of his life with nothing but honesty, making the vlogs some of the most raw and compelling viewings on YouTube right now. Augie never holds back and it’s truly awesome to see his evolution documented so vividly, presented in a way that anyone could follow. With that in mind, we recently sat down to chat about his future plans for travel, what he considers to be his greatest achievement and more.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

I mean in the grand scheme of things, it was probably getting out of Indiana. However, I would say that my best achievement so far was winning the Monster Street series in Chicago about 2 years ago. It’s an event that Monster Energy throws all across the world. Before that event I was literally working at a college debt collecting place, which was the worst. I basically quit work one day and starting writing down on a little piece of paper “I will win, I will win”. It sounds so crazy but I was like fuck it, I took my step dad’s truck to Chicago for the series and next thing you know I won it. That pretty much shotgunned me forward and the ring I got off it serves as a reminder that I can whatever I want to do if I set my mind to it.

What are your three most treasured possessions?

The first would definitely be the Monster Energy ring which I always wear. The second is some pictures from Ride BMX magazine, which is no longer in print anymore. I luckily got two photos in there before it was gone. The third is probably my cameras. I can’t ever leave anywhere now without having some sort of camera. I have a particularly special attachment to my first one, which is broken, and I take it with me everywhere I move to.

If you weren’t vlogging or riding, what would be your ultimate alternate career?

When I was younger I wanted to be an astronomer, just because I loved looking at the stars. But nowadays I’d want to be a marine biologist. I’m in love with blue whales and the water in general. It’s a whole different world underneath the sea.

What words do you live by?

I have this tattoo on my arm which is of a man on top of a frog and it’s always “on the jump”. It’s not necessarily a motto but it just means to never settle. Even though right now things are going good for me in the vlog sense and it seems that my life is in a great spot, I’m never going to settle. I always want more, there’s so much to strive for.

If you could be any age for a week, what age would you be?

The age where you don’t have to worry about anything and your parents take care of you. I’d love to be a little baby again getting pampered all the time. In all seriousness, I’d probably want to stick to being the age I’m at now. I’m young, healthy and about to turn 25, so now would be a good time to be stuck at this age.

Do you ever get worried about the voyeuristic aspect of vlogging? Do you think you’re revealing too much of your life?

No, not really. I pick and choose parts of my life I want people to see. Some YouTubers let it all hang out and that can be super stressful mentally. I think I’m good at keeping certain stuff private but when I first started out I was kind of throwing everything out there. As I progressed from there I learnt about what I can put out and what I can’t. I’m now pretty confident that I’m good at keeping private aspects to my life, especially involving people that I care about. People online can say all they want about me but if they start getting my personal life into it they can ruin relationships I have. So for the most part, I don’t get worried about putting too much out there, but I am concerned that someone crazy is going to come my house and attack me.

You model, ride & obviously vlog. How do you balance and find time to fit in all these aspects into your life?

I have ADHD really bad, which was a problem growing up. But now my brain is focusing on creating and it becomes an outlet. Like even when I’m going to sleep I’m always thinking of what I can do next. When you’re vlogging you choose parts of your day for people to see, so there’s periods throughout where I can take a break and figure out things myself. Those moments are for adult things like taxes and things that affect normal people. Night time is also a huge part for me. I finish the vlog and then just watch some Netflix or hangout to relax.

What’s the ultimate travel adventure trip for you?

I want to go to Tonga. There’s a guy who’s a marine biologist that shoots for Nat Geo. He does this retreat in Tonga where you can go and swim with blue whales. I’ve seen videos on Instagram and it looks like the most insane thing. The biggest mammal in the world and you’re just underwater with them. It’s like ultimate serenity. That trip is going to happen soon, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Do you plan on moving on from vlogs to more long form production?

I don’t plan on vlogging for the rest of my life. I know there’s going to be things coming my way soon but for now, daily videos are it. It’s going good for my income and if I keep a positive outlook something will blossom out of it. I mean it’s a hell of a resume. I’ve got so many days of working and being creative that some awesome new project will definitely come my way eventually. I’d really love to do something with Nat Geo, travel around the world and document different forms of life. Doing a project that’s real, that people need to know about. It’s a big goal to get out the vlogs.

Have there been any risky moments from the vlog that have made you change the way you go about filming them?

Recently I’ve had to do a lot of filtering. I love going onto the roofs here in New York, seeing the views and a different angle on the city. For some reason NYPD has taken a liken to fucking with me for doing that. They watch my videos now and I have a court case right now for trespassing charge. I went on to this one roof in Manhattan which was 50 stories up to take some photos. Two days after that, the cops rock up to my door and arrested me. Now I have to make sure I have a filter when I’m going on roofs because the NYPD are using the videos in the court case. When I want to do something like that I now have to stop myself because of the law. I’m pretty much putting evidence against me online now.

Check out Augie’s YouTube channel here & his Instagram here.