Trudeau Calls Out Trump’s Alpha Handshake – Shows Who’s Boss

Trudeau Calls Out Trump’s Alpha Handshake – Shows Who’s Boss

The two couldn’t be more different. Somehow, Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau have come to be in corresponding positions of power in two very close – but clearly very different – countries.

It was about time then, that the two met face to face, and trust Canada’s almost hero-like PM to call out Trump on his questionable handshake that has taken the spotlight recently.

Trump has a tendency to take the alpha male handshake to a whole new level, pulling the hand of the person before him inwards in a very aggressive and over the top manner.

Take last week’s 20 second encounter with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for example. This short segment from John Oliver’s brutal Trump takedown on Sunday night proves that it’s nothing new for the U.S. President.

Enter Justin Trudeau, a vocal criticiser of Trump’s policies and basically every questionable thing Trump has said or done.

Trudeau even swings it back his way a little more than necessary just to prove who’s boss.

Fire with fire ladies and gents. That’s how it’s done.