A Look At Keanu Reeves’s Luxury Motorcycle Company

What does a man like Keanu Reeves (aka John Wick) do in his spare time? He runs Arch Motorcycle, a LA-based custom bike shop founded by himself and Gard Hollinger. Taking it to new levels of boss, Wired recently went in with Keanu to explore his epic side venture.

Combining both cutting-edge technology and bespoke detailing, the spot makes luxurious custom motorcycles that start at a steep price point of $78,000 USD. You are, however, getting the best of the best in craftsmanship, with the team taking a hands on approach using truly innovative technology. Arch also go below the surface of each vehicle to truly define it’s inner workings, utilising locally-based VIN Tech to aid in development. Keanu even shows off the use of a VR headset conceptualize the bikes before they’re even built, making it an aptly ‘Matrix’ like experience.

Check out the full video above, the shop’s official site here and Keanu’s masterful firearm skills here.