These Kids Make A Sacrifice To Remind Us Of The Meaning Of Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving, but is often clouded by the need to get. As a kid, Christmas is synonymous with presents for many of us. It’s that one time of the year (aside from our birthday), where we have stacks of gifts piling up, some more lavish than others, some from friends, some from family and some from a fat man in a red suit. With the growing consumerism taking over our lives, it can be easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas, or even that deep down, we all really want the exact same thing for Christmas – a happy, healthy family.

This video is a true reminder of that. What’s more, these underprivileged kids sacrifice their own wants to make their loved ones feel special. Its a timely reminder of what’s truly important, and as one little boy so eloquently puts it:

“Lego’s don’t matter, your family matters… it’s either family or Lego’s and I choose family”

Enjoy bosses, and make sure you whip out the tissues before you press play.