Pilot Christiaan van Heijst Takes the Most Epic Shots from a 747

Boeing 747 pilot Christiaan Van Heijst combines his occupation of flying and love for photography to capture the world from the skies.
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Dutchman Christiaan van Heijst pilots a Boeing 747 cargo plane around the globe, capturing the planet through a lens from the sky. Van Heijst has combined his occupation as a pilot and his love for striking flashes of photography to produce magical works of art.


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Van Heijst prides himself on his ability to use natural light as his driving force for his aviation photography. Images of snaking water winding through the earth like veins are enhanced by his ability to bend and manipulate light. His images of the Northern Lights are magical and views of the stars remarkable. Head over to Van Heijst's website and Instagram for more.