adidas Teams Up With Google For Interactive FIFA Game

FIFA adidas

Remember the good old days when adidas and Nike were bustling to put electronic trackers in your shoes, a move to help you easily keep check of your steps and activity? Well, there’s a new level to the game and it literally incorporates the FIFA video game.

With releases last year for Levi’s and Saint Laurent, Jacquard by Google has been continuing to push the boundaries of smart wearables with jackets and backpacks. Both companies collaborated incorporated a Google smart tag that could be inserted into their clothing and would then be paired with the wearer’s smartphone to execute various functions.

Their latest drop in collaboration with adidas – a project entitled GMR – steps it up by putting the tag inside of a football boot via insoles. But this time there’s a further twist – the statistics it collects around kicks, shot power, distance and speed are fed into FIFA’s Mobile Ultimate Team.

The end result is a series of challenges that utilize these stats to help to bolster your rank and get you further FIFA rewards. One of the first to be launched is ‘Master Finisher’, where players will need to take 40 powerful shots from within the penalty box inside a one-week time frame. With chances to win rewards and rank against other players, it looks to be an addictive way to get out and about with a ball with even more challenges to come further down the line.

Check out the trailer below for more detail on how the setup works.

The insoles are available from adidas for $60 and FIFA mobile can be downloaded on iOS and Android. Get in on the Jacquard action ASAP to get that skillset up.