Train Under Floyd Mayweather Through VR At His New Boxing Studio

Ever wanted to train like an undefeated world champion? Well now you can. The unparalleled Floyd Mayweather has just opened his first boxing studio in Los Angeles. And he intends to pass on his knowledge, perhaps even foster some future talent.  

Known as the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness (pretty straightforward), the location will serve as a decked out tech gym with world-class fitness programs. If it’s good enough for the Money Man himself, it’s good enough for us, right? Programs will be based on the award-winning routines and strategies that kept Mayweather himself at the top of the food chain for the entirety of his career. And don’t think for one second that it will be any less intense just because you aren’t a professional fighter. 

Facilities currently include a boxing ring, punching bags, free weights, all the cardio and core equipment one could ever desire, and of course, the right experts to guide you there. Personal training, HITT, boxing, the entire spectrum of fitness needs are catered for at the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. But here’s the real kicker. In the coming months, members will be able to experience being taught by the champ personally– through virtual reality. That’s almost as close as it comes to being the real deal. 

There are plans for mass expansion, domestically first, and eventually on the international front. And on a wholesome note, Mayweather has announced intentions of placing studios in underprivileged communities, similar to where he grew up. Support for at-risk youth has been a particular area of interest, with hopes of coaching and mentoring those affected by peer pressure, gang culture, as well as the broader issue of crime.