The Fourth Phase’s GoPro-Only Edits Are Crazier Than The Actual Film

The Fourth Phase’s GoPro-Only Edits Are Crazier Than The Actual Film

Travis Rice’s snowboarding epic, The Fourth Phase, dropped in 2016 on a worldwide release via, stunning audiences around the globe. The huge multi-year production took viewers on Rice & co.’s escapade chasing the hydrological cycle around the Pacific – water’s transformation from snow to the ocean and back into the clouds.

The cinematography in the film was absolutely spectacular, but noticeably lacked a substantial amount of consistent POV GoPro footage. Understandable, of course, when you have multiple helicopters buzzing overhead capturing fantastic and unique angles, the standard helmet cam footage can seem a little underwhelming in the editing suite.

Boy were they wrong. GoPro have put together a four-part series called “GoPro Perspectives: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice” that takes it back to basics to deliver nothing but GoPro clips compiled from years of carefully selected footage.

Episodes four is the pinnacle, available on GoPro’s YouTube Channel showcasing what is arguably the feature of the film, Alaska’s infamous ‘Crack.’ The remaining episodes feature snippets from Wyoming, Japan and then back to Alaska.

There are no words to describe the insanity of the lines Rice and his buddy Eric Jackson take on, and it is only truly appreciated when watching it from their perspective.

Your respect for these blokes will triple after watching this edit. If you thought the film was legendary, watch this.