Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul Reportedly Scheduled For Early 2022
— 25 October 2021

Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul Reportedly Scheduled For Early 2022

— 25 October 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Whatever’s happening in the world of boxing clearly isn’t stopping anytime soon. Despite facing the likes of undefeated great Floyd Mayweather and former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, YouTube’s Paul Brothers have somehow evaded karmic justice in the way of knockout/technical knockout; instead rewarded with bragging rights thanks to mere survival referee decision and seven-to-nine-figure paycheques. There is, however, a glimmer of hope that elder brother Logan Paul might finally be publicly exposed as reports indicate former heavyweight legend and Baddest Man On The Planet – Mike Tyson – is next in line to receive some exhibition superfight $$$.

The bout was previously alluded to by Iron Mike himself before the story was broken via – shuddersKeemstar of Drama Alert (yes, that’s really where we’re at right now). While details still haven’t been confirmed, inside sources suggest the upcoming hostilities will be scheduled for February 2022.

“I am going to have a return fight in February and we are pretty sceptical about the opponent, but it will be a really stimulating opponent,” Tyson himself previously hinted.

“That is the fight for the money. Those are the money-making fights, [the Paul Brothers] got 35 million people to watch… $100 million, they’ll do anything. They don’t care about getting beat up for $100 million.”

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Tyson would later rule out the possibility of fighting younger brother Jake Paul due to his family’s respect for the “little white motherfucker.”

“My family loves Jake Paul. So fucking easy [I would knock him out]. Yeah, but I never would,” he stated during an appearance on the Full Send Podcast earlier this month.

“I would be against my own fucking family. They love this little white motherfucker. You know what I mean? He has fucking balls.”

In a similar vein, setting aside the prospect of going toe to toe next year, it’s worth noting that Mike Tyson and Logan Paul maintain something of an amicable friendship, the former even appearing on the latter’s IMPAULSIVE podcast to close out 2020.

This face-in-palm development comes almost a year after the 55-year-old Mike Tyson shrugged off retirement to throw hands with 52-year-old Roy Jones Jr in an event to forget. Taking place at Los Angeles’ STAPLES Centre, the much-hyped bout (disappointingly) ended in split-decision draw; the latter five rounds showcasing how age had defeated both world conquerors of yesteryear.

I guess that answers all our questions. And also quells any lingering desire to see something like that again. As exciting as the event was in the moment, as demonstrated in depressing detail today, there’s a good reason you don’t see fighters approaching 60 come out of retirement.

Even individuals of Tyson and Jones’ calibre eventually succumb to the shackles of time. This wasn’t the battle of the ages we had hoped for as much as it was the battle of the aged (though a valiant effort from all parties involved nonetheless).

BH, November 2020

Logan Paul, on the other hand, took on Floyd Mayweather less than five months ago – another much-hyped bout that also ended in disappointing fashion. What many had hoped would be either the undefeated professional boxer’s humiliation or the controversial social media personality’s comeuppance resulted in neither. The voracious marketers-cum-athletes ended up walking away relatively unscathed with aggregate earnings nearing $200 million divvied up between their bank accounts.

Stay tuned for all the morbid + depressing details surrounding Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul 2022.

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