LeBron James Signs US$154 Million Contract With Lakers In Free Agency Move

The rumour mill has been going bonkers this morning with a multitude of reports confirming NBA superstar LeBron James will sign a US$154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in a free agency move.

The Cleveland Cavaliers point man became a free agent on Friday evening after deciding to opt out of the fourth and final year of his contract.

The deal, which was announced by James’ agency, Klutch Sports, was distributed for immediate release on July 1st US time, so roughly an hour ago here on AEST.

This will be the third move of James’ NBA career after leaving the Cav’s in 2010 to join Miami Heat – and then returning to Cleveland again in 2014. After winning the Championship in 2016 the Cavs have made the previous two finals, however, they have failed to reclaim the title in five games and four games, respectively.

LeBron James’ base in Los Angeles is strong, according to Business Insider who reports he has two homes in the city, along with a production company in San Fransisco.

It was said that James’ decision would be swayed by the potential acquisition of San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard through a trade, though it seems James has signed despite the Californian team yet managing to snag him. The Los Angeles Lakers hope to sign the Spurs player when he becomes a free agent in 2019.

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