NBA Schedule For 2019-2020 Season Restart Announced

NBA Schedule For 2019-2020 Season Restart Announced

The NBA has just announced its schedule for the 2019-2020 season restart over the weekend. Kicking off in a month’s time, the regular season will run from July 30th all the way until August 14th, with playoffs set to begin August 17th – and if all goes to plan – the NBA Finals will take place on September 30th.

Check it out below.

July 30
Utah vs. New Orleans
LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers

July 31
Orlando vs. Brooklyn
Memphis vs. Portland
Phoenix vs. Washington
Boston vs. Milwaukee
Sacramento vs. San Antonio
Houston vs. Dallas

August 1
Miami vs. Denver
Utah vs. Oklahoma City
New Orleans vs. LA Clippers
Philadelphia vs. Indiana
LA Lakers vs. Toronto

August 2
Washington vs. Brooklyn
Portland vs. Boston
San Antonio vs. Memphis
Sacramento vs. Orlando
Milwaukee vs. Houston
Dallas vs. Phoenix

August 3
Toronto vs. Miami
Denver vs. Oklahoma City
Indiana vs Washington
Memphis vs. New Orleans
San Antonio vs. Philadelphia
LA Lakers vs. Utah

August 4
Brooklyn vs. Milwaukee
Dallas vs. Sacramento
Phoenix vs. LA Clippers
Orlando vs. Indiana
Boston vs. Miami
Houston vs. Portland

August 5
Memphis vs. Utah
Philadelphia vs. Washington
Denver vs. San Antonio
Oklahoma City vs. LA Lakers
Toronto vs. Orlando
Brooklyn vs. Boston

August 6
New Orleans vs. Sacramento
Miami vs. Milwaukee
Indiana vs. Phoenix
LA Clippers vs. Dallas
Portland vs. Denver
LA Lakers vs. Houston

August 7
Utah vs. San Antonio
Oklahoma City vs. Memphis
Sacramento vs. Brooklyn
Orlando vs. Philadelphia
Washington vs. New Orleans
Boston vs. Toronto

August 8
LA Clippers vs. Portland
Utah vs. Denver
LA Lakers vs. Indiana
Phoenix vs. Miami
Milwaukee vs. Dallas

August 9
Washington vs. Oklahoma City
Memphis vs. Toronto
San Antonio vs. New Orleans
Orlando vs. Boston
Philadelphia vs. Portland
Houston vs. Sacramento
Brooklyn vs. LA Clippers

August 10
Oklahoma vs. Phoenix
Dallas vs. Utah
Toronto vs. Milwaukee
Indiana vs. Miami
Denver vs. LA Lakers

August 11
Brooklyn vs. Orlando
Houston vs. San Antonio
Phoenix vs. Philadelphia
Portland vs. Dallas
Boston vs. Memphis
New Orleans vs. Sacramento
Milwaukee vs. Washington

August 12
Indiana vs. Houston
Toronto vs. Philadelphia
Miami vs. Oklahoma City
LA Clippers vs. Denver

August 13
Washington vs. Boston
Portland vs. Brooklyn
Sacramento vs. LA Lakers
Milwaukee vs. Memphis
New Orleans vs. Orlando
Dallas vs. Phoenix
San Antonio vs. Utah

August 14
Philadelphia vs. Houston
Miami vs. Indiana
Oklahoma City vs. LA Clippers
Denver vs. Toronto

Air time will vary depending on your geographical location. Find out more about the NBA schedule for the 2019-2020 season over at (select “All Months” in the calendar tab).