Here’s How They Make NBA Championship Rings

Have you ever wondered how the best of the best get their NBA Championship Rings? Each year new designs are crafted to represent the top features that each winning city has to offer, so with that comes an epic process to create the most unique and intricate designs.

In a recently released video from 2017 champs the Golden State Warriors, the team gave many a special insight into how the priceless jewelry pieces were crafted. The ring itself is made from yellow gold along with a special symbol that represents five trophies for five championships. This is accompanied by 31 trapezoid diamonds to represent road wins and 36 blue sapphires for home wins. An inner ring also features two raised trophies so that even when it’s off, the player is left with an indentation on the skin as a reminder.

This year’s particular ring is also a record breaker with the most diamonds and carat weight in championship history. Peep here for more NBA history.