NFL’s Rob Gronkowski Sets Guinness World Record With 600-Foot Catch

NFL Rob Gronkowski Guinness World Record 600-Foot Catch

As if being a four-time Super Bowl champion and five-time Pro Bowl selection wasn’t enough, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Rob Gronkowski has now added a Guinness World Record to his CV after successfully catching a pass dropped from over 600 feet in the air; courtesy of a helicopter this time around instead of Tampa Bay teammate, long-time comrade, and legendary NFL quarterback: Tom Brady.

Gronkowski returned to his alma mater at the University of Arizona, where he donned his old no. 48 Wildcats jersey and threw on some pads for the occasion. While the first two attempts were fumbled, the third and final try was right on the money.

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The star tight end celebrated with a signature Gronk Spike before being swarmed by the current UA roster, of which both he and former New England Patriots teammate Tedy Bruschi were serving as honorary coaches for this past weekend.

“Every time you step on the field, you’ve got to raise that bar to another level, baby,” Gronkowski told the team.

“And I just raised that bar to this level.”

“Not sure I’ve ever seen you drop anything,” commented Tom Brady.

To date, Rob Gronkowski has 566 receptions, 8,484 receiving yards, and 86 receiving touchdowns to his name – watch him set a Guinness World Record with a 600-foot catch below.