Real Madrid Tops The List Of World’s Most Valuable Football Teams In 2019
— 31 May 2019

Real Madrid Tops The List Of World’s Most Valuable Football Teams In 2019

— 31 May 2019

Despite having a season to forget in La Liga, Real Madrid have returned to the top of the rich list of the world’s most valuable football clubs. 

Forbes has released the 2019 edition of the world’s most valuable teams and the outfit from the Spanish capital are back on top after a two-year break. 

Even after losing Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid are still worth a cool $4.24 billion USD. Their net worth copped a tidy top up in the past year, thanks mostly to a cash injection of US$100 million from its third consecutive UEFA Champions League win. 

The Forbes piece also hints that Real Madrid is on the brink of inking a US$1.8 billion 12-year deal with Adidas – the highest kit deal in the history of football. 

The valuation of US$4.24 billion puts Real Madrid in the third spot on the list of most valuable sports teams worldwide, behind the Dallas Cowboys at US$5 billion and the New York Yankees, worth US$4.6 billion.

Check out the full list below

Football’s Most Valuable Teams

  1. Real Madrid — US$4.24 billion
  2. Barcelona — US$4 billion
  3. Manchester United — US$3.8 billion
  4. Bayern Munich — US$3 billion
  5. Manchester City — US$2.69 billion

Top 5 Teams Matchday Value

  1. Barcelona — US$809 million
  2. Real Madrid — US$729 million
  3. Manchester United — US$655 million
  4. Arsenal — US$557 million
  5. Bayern Munich — US$478 million

Top 5 Teams Broadcasting Value

  1. Real Madrid — US$1.277 billion
  2. Manchester United — US$1.264 billion
  3. Barcelona — US$1.245 billion
  4. Chelsea — US$1.137 billion
  5. Manchester City — US$1.083 billion

Top 5 Teams Commercial Value (Rounded)

  1. Real Madrid — US$1.51 billion
  2. Barcelona — US$1.5 billion
  3. Manchester United — US$1.45 billion
  4. Bayern Munich — US$1.34 billion
  5. Manchester City — US$1 billion

Top 5 Teams Brand Value

  1. Real Madrid — US$725 million
  2. Barcelona — US$465 million
  3. Manchester United — US$444 million
  4. Bayern Munich — US$392 million
  5. Manchester City — US$310 million

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